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Closed Kaftan

Closed Kaftan
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Season: Warm weather cooling outdoor cover. All season home wear.

The closed kaftan is one of the first manufacturing decisions we made.

The design idea was to produce a simple garment made from sheer fabrics that could be worn to complement an outfit or worn without! This general design idea still holds true and it is clear that there is demand for this sort of look.

This year we have adjusted the neckline shape, front and back, to give an easier feel to the garment. The hemline reaches to the knee or just below. Fabrics, although sheer, are a lttle 'heavier' this year; a little less revealing.

The colours are bright and breezy.

These are designed as loose spacious garments. Our sizes should therefore be considered to be indicative. You may find as a larger person, that you prefer to wear a slightly less loose garment, so our middle Large range would be just fine as opposed to the Extra Large.

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